inessential by Brent Simmons


I managed to whittle down the signup form for this site to the bare minimum -- just email address, name, password, and repeat password. It makes it easier for people to join.

The key to this was getting rid of the Hint Question and Hint Answer in the virgin signup form. (This was a Manila change we made yesterday.)

So here's what I did on this site to get that bare signup form:

1. Did a Restore Default on my Custom Prefs on the Advanced page.

2. Edited my Custom Prefs so that they are:

<wizard><panel title="Preferences"><description/></panel></wizard>

3. Clicked the Submit button.

Normally I try to pretend that Microsoft doesn't exist, less out of any sense of justice but more because they're boring and I don't like their software.

But with yesterday's news I couldn't help it. So I rented AntiTrust last night. It was a fun fairy tale, an enjoyable bit of Open Source propaganda.

Go Milo!

Now I'll go back to pretending Microsoft doesn't exist.