inessential by Brent Simmons


Meet our kitten. He's named for Ernest Hemingway and Edgar Martinez.


I'm going to do my part for the economy today -- I'm going to buy some toys.

(Er, I mean, I'm investing in my personal productivity.)

Gonna buy a 21" monitor for my Mac, a color printer, and a color pda (Visor Prism).

Of course, I'm also working today. Me, I'm in Manila-land, adding features and fixing bugs.

I held my stocks.

For me, the "new normal" includes a new ritual.

In the morning the flag goes up. In the evening the flag goes down (since it wouldn't be illuminated properly).

My kitten is a good friend to Ethernet cables -- if friendship is measured in bites per minute.

Was it right to use violence and the threat of violence to protect the Muslims in Bosnia?

Was it right to arm and train Afghanis in their defense against Soviet aggression?