inessential by Brent Simmons


Tomorrow is the premiere of the new Star Trek show. I can hardly wait.

OS X 10.1 has been released. That's the other thing I'm waiting for.

You know what, the database in AppleWorks 6 is actually pretty nice. It's a slimmed-down FileMaker Pro.

If you don't need a relational database or scripts, if you need something simple but with the ability to create attractive and useful layouts, then hey, it works.

It's OS X native.

Recently I've been dreaming that I have magic powers. I can move things with my mind, make them hot or catch fire, or even make them blow up.

I can change history, I can look at a bad situation and figure out where in the past to make a small change, and then go back there and change it, and prevent the bad thing.

Sometimes in my dreams I make a mistake. For instance, in one dream, dogs, not humans, were the dominant intelligent life on the planet. History was otherwise the same -- up until about 1943. This all was because of a change I made.

In the dog world the Nazis won World War II. And so there were military police dogs, walking upright, all dressed up in black and red leather uniforms, patrolling my neighborhood with guns and sticks, since they occupied the U.S.

So in my dream I had to fix my mistake, which I did. No problem once I saw what I'd done.

I wish in real life I had magic powers like that.