inessential by Brent Simmons


Sometimes when we release a new feature for Manila or fix a bug or whatever people thank me personally in email or on their websites.

Which is totally nice and I appreciate it. It feels good to be thanked.

But... Sometimes I'm just the person who announced the feature. Or, I wrote the code, but other people designed the feature, or a group of people designed the feature. And so on.

Even if I personally did all the work on a particular feature, I'm still building on years of work by other people.

What I mean is, it's always a team effort, so thanking UserLand is the thing to do, not thanking me personally.

I remember learning as a boy that in New York City they numbered the public schools, as in PS 130. I was envious because my school had only a name.

Where I lived you could count the schools on your fingers, so they didn't really need numbers, names worked fine. But I wanted a number, it sounded glamorous.

Why do I live in the city, not the suburbs or the country?

I think it's because of Sesame Street. I loved Sesame Street. It was cool how they could walk around and see people and have fun and there were all these wacky characters.