inessential by Brent Simmons


Major congratulations to V.S. Naipaul for winning the Nobel Literature prize. (Via Sheila.) An excellent choice.

I'm pulling for both Philip Roth and Milan Kundera to win one of these years.

Every time they say Jalalabad on TV I hear "Jelly Bean Land."

Were I a poet, I'd be thrilled that the names of these Middle East countries all rhyme.

Roses are red
Violence in Pakistan
American planes
Drop their bombs in Afghanistan.

I started a Radio weblog.

I wish animals could talk to me.

I wish I could breathe underwater.

I wish I could control time like a VCR. Stop, rewind, fast-forward, frame advance.

These are feature requests, if anyone's listening.

Is it okay to ask feature requests of God when so badly needed are bug fixes?

Is God just a user, the guy running this software, and if so is there someone more powerful, a programmer who wrote this software?

Has that programmer been on vacation for a few thousand years?

I think Uzbekistan
And lovely Tjadjikistan
Might make great friends
With the U-S-of-A-istan.