inessential by Brent Simmons



There’s all this news about how Windows XP doesn’t crash.

Well, whoop-dee-doo.

Windows 2000 doesn’t crash on me either. It hangs in all kinds of unexpected and bizarre ways, but I’ve yet to see the Blue Screen of Death on it.

I don’t plan to “upgrade” to XP. I don’t want to get slurped into the Passport/copy-protection/Microsoft-is-omniscient thing. Spare me. This is such a dark-side play it makes me sick.

Fierce Face

I often get a kick out of the semi-literate sportscasters on national TV.

The other day one described Yankee pitcher Orlando Hernandez as “very imaginary on the mound.”

Imaginary—I like that. I could hit off someone who’s imaginary.

Repeat to self while standing in the batter’s box: there is no pitcher, there is no pitcher, there is no pitcher. He’s not real, not real, not real.

Shelley Powers on Windows XP: “The sad ending to this long tale is that the folks most loyal to Microsoft are the ones most likely to get kicked in the teeth by Microsoft’s new policies.”