There’s all this news about how Windows XP doesn’t crash.

Well, whoop-dee-doo.

Windows 2000 doesn’t crash on me either. It hangs in all kinds of unexpected and bizarre ways, but I’ve yet to see the Blue Screen of Death on it.

I don’t plan to “upgrade” to XP. I don’t want to get slurped into the Passport/copy-protection/Microsoft-is-omniscient thing. Spare me. This is such a dark-side play it makes me sick.

Fierce Face

I often get a kick out of the semi-literate sportscasters on national TV.

The other day one described Yankee pitcher Orlando Hernandez as “very imaginary on the mound.”

Imaginary—I like that. I could hit off someone who’s imaginary.

Repeat to self while standing in the batter’s box: there is no pitcher, there is no pitcher, there is no pitcher. He’s not real, not real, not real.

Shelley Powers on Windows XP: “The sad ending to this long tale is that the folks most loyal to Microsoft are the ones most likely to get kicked in the teeth by Microsoft’s new policies.”

22 Oct 2001