inessential by Brent Simmons


It’s great to work with Doug Baron again. Yo!


You know that thing where it feels like you’re going to throw up, but then you don’t, it just rises in your throat, seemingly for no reason, but then it goes back down?

I don’t know if there’s a word for that. I always call it “chunks.”

Every time I hear or read the word “meme” or any derivation thereof I get chunks.

One of the many things I hate about that word is that underlying it is the assertion that all thought is propaganda.

Is the theory of evolution by natural selection a meme—or is it true?

Memes and truth are mutually exclusive. The idea of memes is the idea that there is no truth.

I keep thinking that if I say enough bad stuff about the word “meme” the idea will start to stick and people will stop using it.

By the way, I’m joking.

Kafka: “Oh yes, there is hope, infinite hope—but not for us.”

No what else I hate? GUIDs.

You know those long strings of garbage—EA47-FG7F5-F6234F-FUE7E4-FUCKTHIS—that appear every time I turn around in Windows.

This seems to me to be so ugly, so quintessentially Microsoft.

Eventually we’ll all have to have our personal GUIDs stamped on our national Microsoft ID cards (passports, that is). I’m thinking of having mine tattooed on my chest.


I really wish Buddy Holly was here.