inessential by Brent Simmons


It’s obscure ’80s punk rock lyrics day.

I’m walking aroun’

with my feet on the groun’

blah blah blah

fuck you, narc

-“Unalive” by the Smart Nigels

I keep farting

I keep farting

I keep farting

My mom said get a load of you

My dad said get a load of you

I went in the closet to beeeeeeee alone

-“Boy in the Closet” by Prozac Delivery System

Something about love

Makes me want to shove

My face in the mud

When I get horny

-“Big Girl” by Protruding Television

I’m a fetus

and you’re not

I wear small boots

I got tattoos

a pack of smokes

a quart of booze

-“Carousel” by Rocket Crash

If I were starting a punk rock band today, I’d call it Wireless Portal.