inessential by Brent Simmons


Brent’s Law: Any application runs with greatest stability on the machine(s) of the person who does the builds.

I’m pretty sure it’s Murphy who dictates this.

Brent’s Law of Feline Behavior: The only way to stop a cat from crying at a window is to open the window; the moment you do that, he’ll go cry somewhere else.

I once made the observation that “hell is other people’s servers.”

I’d like to add to that. “Hell is also Network Solutions.” I’ve been trying to deal with some DNS issues for months. I’ve even faxed them. On their side nothing budges.

I will now call them names. They’re poopy-heads. They’re dumb-asses. They’re as stupid as Einstein was smart.

Network Solutions compares unfavorably to other modern ills, including the Greenhouse Effect, war, religious fundamentalism, illiteracy, racism, political correctness, Microsoft, and John Ashcroft.

When you think about Network Solutions, think of smegma.

They might as well be honest and change their name to Unsolvable Network Problems.