inessential by Brent Simmons


Papa’s taught himself how to play fetch. He licks my face. He follows me everywhere around the house.

Is he a dog in cat’s clothing?

I have no idea what Apple’s coming out with at MacWorld.

But I know what I want: a wireless web pad. A big tablet with a pen and a browser. Light weight. I carry my iBook around the house, but it’s overkill for just reading.

Some other ideas, off the top of my head, totally not based on anything but my own imagination:

1.5 Ghz Macs

A new pda, son of Newton

An Apple-branded Palm OS pda

iPhoto (Photoshop for the rest of us)

Son of iMac—LCD screen iMacs

G4 Sphere—like a cube but round

weblog tool that publishes to iDisk

OS X for x86

iMusic—music mixer, editor

skinnable OS X

Apple-branded Wacom tablet

HyperCard Carbon

Aqua/Cocoa/ProjectBuilder for Linux

iNews—some kind of fancy RSS news reader

My official prediction: none of the above.