inessential by Brent Simmons

Menu sharing replacements

I don’t really miss menu sharing on OS X any more.

First thing is that the Frontier contextual menu plugin allows one to run scripts—it replaces OSA Menu for me.

Next thing is all the places Apple has allowed one to attach AppleScript scripts. There’s the script menu, toolbar scripts, and Script Runner. The key with those is that you can use AppleScript scripts to run a script in Frontier or Radio. Just send a doscript message to Frontier.

Another thing is that many apps—Eudora, AppleWorks, and BBEdit, for example—have a Scripts menu where you can attach AppleScript scripts. Again, you just use a small AppleScript script to run a script in Radio or Frontier.

It’s not quite as convenient as menu sharing—but, if you add it all up, you end up with an environment that’s at least as scriptable and customizable as classic Mac OS.