inessential by Brent Simmons

Icon Building Tutorials

One has to have confidence when learning a new thing. I’ve never considered myself a skilled graphics artist. I can design simple websites with okay results—but note for instance that there are no graphics used in this site’s template.

As a desktop app developer I need to be able to make new icons. Not just app icons, but document icons and toolbar icons. Normally I would say: oh shit, I’m screwed, this is way too far out of my areas of expertise. I’m a text guy.

But I’ve decided to have confidence instead.

Theory: if you’ve reasonably intelligent and imaginative, you can learn to do just about anything pretty well as long as you have confidence.

So I found this cool set of tutorials at Iconfactory to get me started doing icons.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll end up not just okay at doing icons, maybe I’ll end up really damn good at icons. That would be a surprise for this text guy.