inessential by Brent Simmons

MetaWeblog API

I’ve been putting off doing an XML-RPC interface for my weblog software. The Blogger API wouldn’t work for me because each post has three elements: title, url, and text.

For some reason I had it in my head that the MetaWeblog API was designed to work with the Blogger API. I thought I’d have to support two APIs, and I wouldn’t be able to get, set, and edit posts with one call each.

I’m so pleased to discover that I was wrong. The MetaWeblog API does exactly what I need (a bit more, actually, but not too much more). My thanks go to Dave Winer and UserLand for a nice spec.

A Cocoa weblog editor should be a piece of cake. Most of the code would be just getting and setting Apple event parameters. (I’d use the Apple Event Manager to send the XML-RPC requests.) The rest is pretty much just layout, building a form in Interface Builder.

I won’t get around to it today or tomorrow or the next day. Maybe someone else will beat me to it, which would be just fine by me.