inessential by Brent Simmons

Best viewed with Lynx

Addendum to the below on supporting older browsers—this site looks good in Lynx. It works, it’s readable, it’s usable.

It’s not that Lynx is so important. It barely registers on my user-agents page. But it is an indicator.

There’s an A-B-A structure going on here. The earliest websites—before tables and font tags and all that complicated stuff—worked well in Lynx. The HTML was simple and structural.

Then we got all that complicated stuff, and websites started looking like hell in Lynx. (Many still do.)

And now we’re returning to simple HTML, not unlike the HTML of 1994. More structural markup, less of that complex and weird junk. Layout is done through style sheets.

Sites designed that way look good in Lynx. You don’t even have to try. I didn’t go out of my way to make this site work in Lynx.

I’ve even thought about adding a best-viewed-with-Lynx button. But Lynx users wouldn’t be able to see it.