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Blogoscope 1.0b2

Remember last week’s release of WeblogWatcher? It’s a desktop interface for

As just a straight mirror of the content on it wasn’t very useful—but now I’ve added filters. Weblogs which match one or more filters are not shown in the main window.

I’ve also changed the name to Blogoscope. You can download it.

Here’s the filters window. (Choose Preferences... from the Blogoscope menu.)

Blogoscope filters

You can see that I’m using filters to not show Radio categories websites. (Radio’s categories feature is very cool, it’s just that I find their being listed on redundant.)

Here’s the Blogoscope main window:

Blogoscope main window

The beta is free. The final version will be free. The source will be released under the open source BSD license once it’s a bit further along.

More features to come. (And an application icon.) Feedback, bug reports, and feature requests are welcome. There are no known stability issues at this time.