inessential by Brent Simmons

TigerLaunch 1.0b1

Here’s the deal:

I don’t like having lots of apps in my dock: I like to keep just the half-dozen very important apps in my dock.

But pretty often I have to launch a non-dock-worthy app. I don’t like having to hunt for it. Is it in the Applications folder? Is it in a sub-folder? Is it in the Developer Applications folder? Where is it?

So a while ago I created a little utility app that lists my apps in a flat menu, in alphabetical order by name. This way it’s super-easy to launch these non-dock-worthy apps. No hunting, no digging through folders.

Today I cleaned it up and released it as TigerLaunch 1.0b1. It’s an open source (BSD license) Cocoa app.

Even if you don’t use the app, the source may be useful—it shows how to create NSStatusItems, how to add icons to a menu, and how to create a table with icons and checkboxes.

Here’s a screen shot of the Apps menu it provides. Here’s a screen shot of the configure window.

Note: the app really needs a new application icon. Right now it’s a picture of my cat Papa flying through the air. If you create a cool app icon for it, please email it to me (to brent at ranchero dot com). I’ll credit you in the About box and on the TigerLaunch page, including a link to your website.