inessential by Brent Simmons

Default NetNewsWire subscriptions list

I got my first inquiry today about how to get one’s site listed in the default subscriptions list for NetNewsWire.

My current policy is to change the defaults for each release. Mainly so that I can spread the flow—there are lots of deserving sites.

But also so that no one site gets overwhelmed by additional bandwidth charges.

But what if someone asks to have their site listed as a default subscription?

As has been suggested by other people, this is probably something I should charge money for. I can’t, after all, just say Yes to everyone who asks—or else the default list would be huge, and I want to keep it to 15 sites.

I can’t think of an ethical reason not to charge money for placement in the default list. (Though of course I can reserve the right to turn down a site for any arbitrary reason.)

Reality check time. Is this reasonable and ethical, or is there something I haven’t thought of? What do you think?