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Company logo needed

Company logo needed...

Check out the design of this site, with the big blue moon in the upper left corner. (People reading via RSS: click here.)

Now check out

The graphic in the upper-left corner there is just a place-holder. I need a company logo graphic to go in that space, something that looks at least as cool as the blue moon on

There are two options: a horseshoe or an atom. (These are the motifs Ranchero Software has traditionally used.)

This is the atom we used to use:


Here’s the horseshoe we used to use:


The problem with that horseshoe is that it’s too small and it’s oriented incorrectly—it should be upside down (so as to catch good luck, as the superstition goes).

If you’re a graphics guy, and would like to take up this challenge, I can offer no money—but I can offer a link on the right side of the home page and the sincere thanks of a grateful developer.

Also note: I’m not wedded to the current color scheme used at Something brighter would probably be better.