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NetNewsWire Pro Progress Report

I get a fair amount of email asking me how NetNewsWire Pro is coming along. I’ve been pretty quiet here lately because I’m very heads-down, working as fast as I can, working on the various new features.

I started with the hard stuff first, some new UI programming. In various states of done-ness are weblog editing, AppleScript support, the notepad, and train-friendliness.

My hope is to get a beta out before the end of this month and ship it in November. (Of course, my hopes and reality may not match exactly.)

I get lots of requests for a Windows version, too. (Even from my Mom the other day.) I have a choice—keep making the Mac version better, or spend n months doing a Windows version.

Well, it’s a no-brainer—I’ll keep making the Mac version better. (And do some other Mac software.)