inessential by Brent Simmons

Bandwidth stats coming in next NetNewsWire beta

Here’s a screen shot of a new feature coming in the next NetNewsWire beta—bandwidth statistics.

You can see which of your subscriptions are bandwidth-friendly and which aren’t.

Especially friendly sites are in blue; especially unfriendly sites are in red.

The stats window shows the number of the times the site has been checked, the number of times the full RSS feed has been downloaded, the number of 304s the site returned, the total number of RSS feed bytes read, and the average bytes per check.

Why do this?

First thing is because it’s hard to know what to do about bandwidth consumption unless you know what’s really going on. Seeing actual numbers helps.

Another reason is that you may need to conserve bandwidth on your connection, and so you might unsubscribe from feeds that are not bandwidth-friendly.

Another reason is that you may want to check to see if your own site is bandwidth-friendly or not.