inessential by Brent Simmons

Huevos ideas

I get a fair amount of email about how Huevos should allow one to choose a search engine from the keyboard. I agree completely.

Most of the email I get suggests adopting the same UI that is used in at least one Windows app—type a leading character or two to choose the search engine.

But I don’t like that. It’s not Mac-like.

What I’m thinking right now is that it would be best to allow the user to assign command keys to the various search engines. Google, for instance, might be cmd-G. You’d assign command keys through the Prefs window, the same place you edit your search engines.

So to run a search you’d bring Huevos to the front via a hotkey, type a command key to select your search engine, type your search string, then hit return to run the search. You’d never have to touch the mouse.

What do you think?

Another Huevos idea—Huevos could be a Services provider. A Huevos submenu in the Services menu would allow you to run a search on the selected text in a given search engine. The submenu would be the list of search engines—so you’d select some text, choose Services->Huevos->Search with Google (for instance), and the search would run.