inessential by Brent Simmons

RSD support

I wasn’t planning for the first public beta of NetNewsWire Pro to include RSD support. In fact, I wasn’t sure I would do it for 1.0 at all.

But then the folks who make weblog publishing systems supported it so quickly and I realized—hey, RSD is here, time to do it. So this first beta does indeed include RSD support.

(My thanks go to everyone involved in making RSD happen. Particular thanks go to Daniel Berlinger and Seth Dillingham, who worked hard on this spec.)

So why is RSD important? Sounds like just another R-S-something.

What RSD does is make it easy to configure a weblog editor to work with your weblog.

See, there are some settings you’d have to figure out manually, things you wouldn’t normally know—things you shouldn’t have to know, actually, things that are just important for your computer to know.

RSD takes away this bit of hairiness from the user and gets the software to deal with it. Which is at should be.

In NetNewsWire there’s an Autofill button. When you click it, NetNewsWire reads the RSD file for your weblog and fills in the weirder settings for you, so you don’t have to try and figure them out.

That‘s why RSD is nice. It means you can be up-and-running quickly, rather than having to first go nuts. Better to skip the going nuts part.