inessential by Brent Simmons

Safari notes

Count me among those who:

1. Wish Safari wasn’t metallic.

2. Wish Safari had tabbed browsing.

3. Wish I could turn off animated GIFs.

4. Wish I could disable plug-ins individually (especially Flash).

5. Wish Safari could render and

But also count me among those who like it. It’s fast.

Nevertheless I remain a Chimera user, at least for now.

Speaking of Chimera—I noticed that in recent builds they fixed the bug where, if you have NetNewsWire tell your browser to open pages in the background, Chimera would always open pages in new windows instead of new tabs. Now it works properly, it uses new tabs. (If that’s how you’ve set up Chimera.)

This means that you can read news in NetNewsWire, opening stories as you go without Chimera coming to the front. Then you can switch to Chimera and read the pages you’ve opened. It’s slick.