inessential by Brent Simmons

Developers with weblogs

For the upcoming NetNewsWire Pro release I made a change to the default list of 15 subscriptions that new users get: I added Dave Hyatt’s Surfin’ Safari weblog.

My hope is that new users will see that there’s a weblog by one of the Safari developers, and they’ll think that’s pretty cool, and they’ll wonder if other developers of their favorite software have weblogs.

It’s a great thing—at least I think so—when developers have a human presence on the web. I myself am a developer—but I’m also a user of software, just like everybody else.

(Of course every developer is also a user of other software.)

So my hope is they’ll find weblogs like ~stevenf, the weblog of Panic developer Steven Frank. And weblogs like Truer Words, Scripting News, Six Log, Robb Beal’s weblog, and so on and so on.