inessential by Brent Simmons

NetNewsWire Status

The reports for NetNewsWire 1.0fc1 have been good, so I’m giving it until noon Pacific, and if no deal-stoppers have been reported I’m going to change the version to 1.0 and ship it.

The e-commerce thing is set up and working and tested. There’s a new home page for NetNewsWire sitting on my hard drive. All that remains is to package up the app and upload it and let folks know it’s up.

I’ll write a press release too, but that can come later today or tomorrow.

The worst problem in NetNewsWire remains Apple’s crashy XML-RPC framework. I’ve spent untold hours developing work-arounds. And still it may crash. So the top priority for 1.0.1 will probably be my writing my own XML-RPC code. (I may do a Cocoa wrapper for Eric Kidd’s code. Naturally I’d release my code under a BSD-type license.)

And of course there are plenty of other things to do. There always are. It’s times like this when I try very, very hard not to think of the classic DaveNet We Make Shitty Software. (With bugs!)

(Update: why do I try not to think of that DaveNet? I’m just trying to be funny. Really I don’t mind thinking of it.)