inessential by Brent Simmons

Movable Type 2.6 new features

The new Movable Type 2.6 supports two things of particular interest to NetNewsWire: RSD and metaWeblog.newMediaObject.

RSD (Really Simple Discovery) is what makes the Autofill button in NetNewsWire’s weblog preferences work. (Here’s the RSD spec.)

It’s an important thing for external editors like NetNewsWire—it means figuring out what your weblog settings are is much easier than it is otherwise. All you need to know is the URL of your home page, and then NetNewsWire asks Movable Type for the rest of the settings.

It’s not just a NetNewsWire thing—other editors can use RSD too. And Manila, Conversant, and Radio UserLand also support RSD on the server side. (Possibly other systems do too. I don’t mean to slight anybody.)

On to the second thing...

metaWeblog.newMediaObject is a new XML-RPC method that weblog systems may support. It’s part of the MetaWeblog API.

It allows external editors to upload images, movies, and so on to weblogs. NetNewsWire doesn’t support this yet, but it will. (Kung-Log supports it already; perhaps others editors do too.)