inessential by Brent Simmons

Huevos 1.1

Huevos dock icon

Huevos 1.1 has been released!

The big change since 1.0 is that you don’t have to lift your fingers from the keyboard anymore. You can bring Huevos to the front from within any app by typing a hotkey. You can choose search engines in the popup menu by typing a command key or by using the up and down arrow keys.

This release also marks the first time we’ve had a PayPal donation button. We’ll add a button to our other software pages, too, of course.

Donations help us continue to make free software. Not just Huevos but also TigerLaunch, Big Cat, and NetNewsWire Lite.

And it helps us to be able to release parts of NetNewsWire as open source, such as the RSS and OPML parsers and—coming soon—a Cocoa XML-RPC implementation.