inessential by Brent Simmons

Royal Flush

Sheila and I spent last weekend in Las Vegas.

I’d never gambled before, except for like $1.25 in Atlantic City once.

We were there in Las Vegas for a wedding—my sister got married (in the Bellagio!) to her high school sweetheart.

In amongst all the wedding stuff I found time to play video poker. I didn’t know if I’d enjoy gambling, but I did. Especially video poker. I could hardly sit down without walking away a few minutes later at least $20 up.

One night I got a royal flush. 10-J-Q-K-A, all diamonds. I walked away $70 up from that machine.

When you get a royal flush you have to cash out and just enjoy it for a while. It’s not like you can hope to do better.

In Las Vegas there are games even at the airport. So while we were waiting for our flight I had a few quarters in my pocket and I played them. Won $29.25. Just a last bit of luck before coming home.

But nobody was as lucky as my Mom. She didn’t play any games until we were leaving. So there we were at the airport. She puts a coin in a slot, pushes the button, and wins $30. She cashes out. Just one spin.