inessential by Brent Simmons

More progress

I’ve renamed NetNewsWire’s Smash View feature to the Combined View. (Smash View was just a temporary name.)

So far I’m on track for a beta some time this coming week.

Here’s a new screen shot.

In the screen shot you can see a few changes since the last screen shot:

The look of it is a bit less flat, more Aqua-like.

The selected item—including the description—is highlighted using the system highlight settings. (In other words, the yellow is my system setting, not a hard-coded color.)

There’s an unread item at the bottom-right, and it gets a little circle signifying that it’s unread. (Just using bold and colored text wasn’t enough.)

Just for jazz, here’s another screen shot, this time of Jason Kottke’s weblog. Compare it to his original mock-up of this feature.