inessential by Brent Simmons

Weblogs are ten years old

I was reading this totally funny thing, a History of the Internet, and it mentions weblogs as being invented in 2001.

At first I didn’t think about that, but then I did, and I realized—for all the talk about weblogs these days, weblogs are actually very old.

In fact—I did some quick checking, and I think weblogs were invented ten years and four days ago. Check out the June 14, 1993 date at the bottom of the archive for What’s New with NCSA Mosaic.

Happy tenth birthday to weblogs!

More modern weblogs date back to 1997. For instance, here are the first posts for Scripting News and CamWorld.

The first weblog authoring software that I know of is NewsPage, from May 1997.