inessential by Brent Simmons

Echo and namespaces and stuff

I’ve been looking around more at the Echo wiki—and I’m happy to find things that could go either way and I don’t care.

Namespaces, for instance. I find namespaces cluttery, but I recognize that they can have value as an extension mechanism. So either way is fine by me.

Another thing is—should Echo be XML only? I would naturally say yes, and I expect most people would say yes. But even if something other than XML is permitted, no one who cares about interoperability would implement it, so it doesn’t matter.

The question on whether the Echo data model should be an InfoSet seems not to be hotly debated. Good, because I don’t even know what an InfoSet is.

I’m in the minority on the Escaped HTML Discussion. I think HTML and XHTML should be escaped. But I can hack my way around this issue. (I think that proponents of inline XHTML are wildly optimistic. If inline XHTML is used extensively, then there’s going to be a huge problem with non-well-formed feeds.)