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Blogger to the rescue

I wrote the other day how I was mad at Blogger because people were having trouble posting to Blogger from NetNewsWire.

Then today I was contacted by Steve Jenson (from Blogger) about the problem, and now it’s fixed.

I had wrongly assumed that it had to do with their sites and servers moving around. (Since that was in fact causing some temporary problems a little while ago.)

I was wrong. It turns out that it was a bug.

So I sent Steve the info to reproduce it, and now the bug is fixed.


What this means: if you’ve been having trouble posting to a Blogger weblog from NetNewsWire—if you’ve been getting an error message that says something about a Java NullPointerException—then it should work now.

If you still have trouble posting to Blogger, please send me email with what you tried and what error message you got.