Blogger to the rescue

I wrote the other day how I was mad at Blogger because people were having trouble posting to Blogger from NetNewsWire.

Then today I was contacted by Steve Jenson (from Blogger) about the problem, and now it’s fixed.

I had wrongly assumed that it had to do with their sites and servers moving around. (Since that was in fact causing some temporary problems a little while ago.)

I was wrong. It turns out that it was a bug.

So I sent Steve the info to reproduce it, and now the bug is fixed.


What this means: if you’ve been having trouble posting to a Blogger weblog from NetNewsWire—if you’ve been getting an error message that says something about a Java NullPointerException—then it should work now.

If you still have trouble posting to Blogger, please send me email with what you tried and what error message you got.

03 Jul 2003