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More questions answered

I’ve gotten a couple more good questions about my participation in the RSS advisory board. I’ll answer them here:

1. Will NetNewsWire support Echo?

If/when Echo is ready, NetNewsWire will support it.

In fact, my plan is to go a step further and create a plugin interface for NetNewsWire, so that developers can add support for other formats too, even non-XML formats.

Just because I’m on the RSS advisory board doesn’t mean I see this all as some kind of war. I’m no soldier. My focus remains making software that people like.

2. Why did I jump in the fray?

As stated above, I don’t think of this as a war. But that there has been conflict between some people about syndication standards is undeniable.

I consider the move and re-licensing of the RSS spec a move away from conflict. That’s a good thing.

There’s a difference between being an RSS advocate, which I am, and an RSS absolutist, which I am not.