inessential by Brent Simmons

20% Linux is all we need

20% Linux is all we need, writes Robin ‘Roblimo’ Miller. Let’s “think rationally about what percentage of the world’s desktops we really need to switch to Linux. I figure 10% would be a minimum, and 20% would be more than enough.”

When articles about Linux desktops come up, I usually read them, because in the back of my mind is the thought that a Linux port of NetNewsWire would be fun to do. (I like Linux. I even like Linux desktops, now that the font situation is improving.)

Miller continues: “One factor that may slow the adoption of Linux by consumer and small office-oriented software vendors is the perception of Linux users as freebie-hustlers who refuse to pay for software.”

That puts it bluntly. It’s an accurate statement: there is that perception. I myself have that perception, which is why I haven’t ever come close to breaking ground on a Linux version of NetNewsWire.

Am I wrong? (I’m no stranger to being wrong.)