inessential by Brent Simmons

Learning Xcode

I’ve been using Xcode for a couple weeks now. I’m learning it slowly, just learning new things as I notice them.

There are a few small but nice touches that I’ve come to rely on already. I haven’t seen these mentioned elsewhere, so I figured I’d mention them.

1. The Project toolbar button in source file windows.

When you’re editing a source file, you can get back to the Project window quickly by clicking the Project icon. I do this all the time.

2. The Show Editor toolbar button in project windows.

You can switch from three-paned-view to two-paned view easily. In other words, you can hide and show the source editor within the main project window.

3. The Console Window toolbar button in debugger windows.

By default, there’s a button for showing a Console drawer. But even on my 21" screen I need to make the console a separate window so I can stretch out the stack and source panes.

So if you do a customize toolbar on the debugger window you’ll find a Console Window button.