inessential by Brent Simmons

What is a weblog?

Whenever we update the Sites Drawer (the list of feeds that comes with NetNewsWire) I look at a bunch of feeds and their descriptions.

Here are some descriptions from the list, just to give you a flavor:

Random Ramblings Regularly
Rants, raves, and random thoughts on life and American culture
Rants on spam, business, digital music, patents, and other assorted random stuff.
random thoughts on games, art, geek culture and living in new york.
random and occassionally coherent musings
random musings and explorations from the mind of [withheld]
random thoughts and ramblings

The people have voted! If anyone ever asks you what a weblog is, you can state, with confidence, that it’s random rants, ramblings, and musings.

It is also, on occasion, punditry. And good old-fashioned commentary is not unheard-of.