inessential by Brent Simmons

Userland and Freshly Squeezed Software

I was totally pleased today to have two different newsreader authors contact me about the external weblog editor interface.

Scott Young of UserLand Software writes: “Interop between applications is always a good thing. UserLand would be interested in supporting this effort in Radio.”

Erik Barzeski of Freshly Squeezed Software writes: “As a blog aggregator without a blog editor, we believe strongly in working with other applications to achieve tremendous functionality... Working together is a good thing that benefits everyone, and we’re there.”

I’m not sure yet if I’ll just send them email with details, or publish a page first—either way, I will get around to publicly documenting the interface at some point. (It just takes time is all.)

At the same time, I’ve been emailing more with Phil Ulrich, Michael McCracken, and Daniel Berlinger today about supporting this interface in their weblog editors. And, while no promises can be made yet, things are moving along. (My offer still stands for other weblog editor developers that I may have missed. Send me email.)