inessential by Brent Simmons

External Weblog Editor Interface

I put up a page documenting the external weblog editor interface that NetNewsWire 2.0 will use to send posts to a weblog editor.

One of the things you’ll note is that it’s an Apple events interface. The reason for using Apple events is that this gives us the widest possible base of implementations: Apple events support appears in Cocoa, Carbon, and a whole bunch of scripting languages. The intent is to be inclusive.

Another thing you’ll note is that it should work with apps other than weblog editors—you might want to send news items to a database or outliner, for instance, and I hope developers of such apps will implement the interface.

Email me with any questions.

I put no clauses or conditions in the documentation. (You knew I wouldn’t, right?) Everybody is free to implement either or both sides of the interface. (A note of thanks wouldn’t hurt—I’m easy to please!)

I’m aware that, if you’re writing an app that implements the receiving side, there’s no sending apps to test with yet. We’re working to remedy that situation. But if you’re writing a sending app, you can test it with the latest version of ecto, which has already implemented the receiving side.