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NetNewsWire Questions Answered

As you might imagine, we’ve had a ton of email since releasing the NetNewsWire public beta yesterday. A few things have come up more than once, so I thought I’d answer them here.

What happened to the Mark All as Read toolbar button?

It’s still there—choose Customize Toolbar from the View menu to add it. (There are some other toolbar items might want to add, such as Post to Weblog and Mark as Flagged.)

The Find command doesn’t work!

Yes, it’s broken at the moment. It will get fixed before 2.0 ships.

What’s the best place to report a bug? How should I make feature requests?

The answer to both is the on-line bug tracker. You can report bugs and make feature requests from the same form. Choose Report a Bug from the Help menu.

How can I open browser tabs in the background?

Open NetNewsWire’s preferences, click on the Browsing icon, then un-check the box next to “Select new tabs as they are created.”

Is the pricing just a special sale?

It’s not a special sale. NetNewsWire 2.0 is $24.95 or $39.95 bundled with MarsEdit. Those are the regular prices.

How can I read restricted LiveJournal feeds?

Instructions are in the Help book—choose NetNewsWire Help from the Help menu then click on Questions & Answers. The question about LiveJournal is the top item.

Note: we realize that Help viewer used to be so painfully slow that we’ve all become unaccustomed to using it. But it’s pretty fast in 10.3, and NetNewsWire’s help actually has a bunch of info. Also see the Tips page in the Help book.

Is there an alternative to the Yahoo Groups mailing list?

Yes—we’re transitioning away from the Yahoo Groups mailing list to a new one (generously hosted by Aaron Swartz). List instructions are on the beta-download page.