inessential by Brent Simmons


We almost didn’t add support for enclosures to NetNewsWire 2.0—because they give me the willies. Experts have assured me that my fear of enclosures is irrational and paranoid, and so we went ahead and added support.

We didn’t do the download-enclosures-at-night feature that Radio UserLand has—enclosures are only downloaded when you click on them.

But we did something else: we added AppleScript support for enclosures. You could write a script that gets the enclosure info from your news items and then downloads the enclosures—so you could write a script that downloads at night. Or on your lunch break. Or that just downloads mp3s, or whatever.

My hope is that somebody will take this as an opportunity to do something cool and write an enclosure-downloading script (perhaps an AppleScript Studio app?) that other folks can use.