inessential by Brent Simmons

New Post in MarsEdit Script

We’ve had a few feature requests for this scenario:

1. You’re in NetNewsWire.

2. You want to start a new, empty post in MarsEdit. (You don’t want to post the item you’re reading, in other words—you want a fresh new post window.)

In NetNewsWire 1.x, you could choose a switch-to-weblog-editor command. But that command doesn’t exist anymore.

Solution: put a script in NetNewsWire’s scripts menu that does that. (You can download this one, if you like.)

Here’s what to do:

1. Download the script and unzip it.

2. In NetNewsWire, choose Open Scripts Folder from the scripts menu.

3. Drop the unzipped script in the scripts folder.

4. Back in NetNewsWire, pull down the scripts menu—you should see a New Post in MarsEdit command. (If you don’t see it, wait a few seconds for NetNewsWire to notice it, then pull down the menu again.)

5. Choose the command—it will bring MarsEdit to the front, launching it if necessary, and create a new, empty post window.

I haven’t tried a similar thing for ecto, Blapp, Xjournal, and others—but I imagine that similar scripts for other weblog editors are just as easy to write.