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More about Bloglines and NetNewsWire

So—how is the Bloglines integration going to work in NetNewsWire?

I don’t know all the details yet, but there are a few important things I can say right away:

1. It’s not forced on anybody. It will be an option that you can turn on.

2. If you use it, you won’t have to use it for all your subscriptions. You can use it for just a subset if you want to.

3. There will also be other means of syncing in 2.0.

4. We continue to look at other bandwidth solutions too. (For instance: in the comments for my previous post, Jens Alfke mentioned Jabber/XMPP, which sounds pretty cool.)

Anyway, the scoop is, it will be there for people who want it—and I’m already getting feedback on this, so I sense that there are lots of people who want it.

User interface

The UI in NetNewsWire hasn’t been worked out yet.

I note that what FeedDemon does is to have a special Bloglines Channel Group. We may do something similar—because there’s something to be said for a consistent UI even across apps on different platforms, and also because it’s straightforward and explicit.

The equivalent in NetNewsWire would be a special Bloglines folder which contains your Bloglines-managed subscriptions.

Another option would be to allow you to have Bloglines-managed subscriptions interspersed with the rest of your subscriptions—but that might lead to some confusion. I’m leaning toward Nick’s approach.

But feedback is very welcome—post comments here or send me email. Thanks!