inessential by Brent Simmons

MarsEdit development notes

As you might imagine, we’ve been getting lots of feature requests and bug reports for MarsEdit. When we released the beta, we had a pretty good idea what the to-do list for 1.0 was, but it’s even more clear now that we’ve had so much great feedback.

Here are some of the main things we’ve been hearing from people—and what the plan is. (There are tons of little things I’m not going to mention, so if your bug report isn’t mentioned below, it’s cool, we’re on it.)

Markdown, Textile, etc. preview support

Originally we planned to do this for 1.0.1, but that’s because I underestimated the demand. More people use these plugins than I thought, so we’re going to add support in 1.0.

Trackbacks bug

Many people have reported a bug that sending trackbacks doesn’t appear to work. I’m not sure yet if this is all the time or just some of the time, or if it’s with some systems but not others.

But this is the highest priority bug to fix.

It’s darn hard to test, because we don’t want to litter the blogosphere with bogus testing trackbacks. (But, fear not, we’ll find a way.)

Customizable pings list

MarsEdit supports pinging, technorati, and Lots of people have asked for a customizable pings list. It’s important to enough people that we’ll add this to 1.0 also.

Blogger titles

Supporting titles for Blogger requires that MarsEdit use the Atom editing API—which we’re not going to do in 1.0. But it’s an extremely high priority for after 1.0.