inessential by Brent Simmons

I tasted the forbidden fruit

Call me Adam.

I knew I shouldn’t oughter-a-done-it, and I feel a little ashamed inside, but I went ahead and bit the apple used Cocoa bindings.

It was, I confess, a reaction to that terrible feeling you get when you’re faced with creating yet another NSTableView data source and delegate. I just couldn’t face another objectValueForTableColumn:blah:blah:whatever:.

How silly it seems now—what’s one more data source among so many?—but my emotions got the best of me, and I went ahead and created—yes, say it, admit it—an array controller in Interface Builder, and I bound that damn table.

And I liked it!

It was for the pings list in MarsEdit, the last tab in the weblog settings window. I had resisted Cocoa bindings because I had planned originally that MarsEdit would run on Jaguar.

And it almost did—except for some weird stuff that was going to be very difficult to work around. So I left open the possibility that a Jaguar version would not happen—and, by using Cocoa bindings (which don’t exist in 10.2) that decision was finally made.

But now I’m tempted—very, very tempted—to go through MarsEdit and delete a ton of code and switch to Cocoa bindings everywhere.

You just don’t do that in a beta app. It Would Be Wrong. So I Won’t.

But still... that apple tasted so sweet.