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Atom title question: help wanted

Atom titles are oddly difficult — so I have a question. I think I know the answer, but I’m not sure it’s correct, so I’d appreciate some help.

Consider the following title element (which is a simplified example from an actual feed):


The way I read the spec, this is equivalent to:

<title mode="xml" type="text/plain">&lt;foo&gt;</title>

This means that:

1. The value is inline XML.

2. The value should be displayed as plain text.

This means — I think — that the &lt; and &gt; should never get translated to < and >.

In other words, a client must display it as &lt;foo&gt; and not as <foo>.


I think — though I could be wrong — that in order for the client to display <foo>, the title element would have had to look like this:


Yes? No?