inessential by Brent Simmons

MarsEdit Future

Now that 1.0 is out, what’s next for MarsEdit?

Below are some—but not nearly all—of the things planned for the future.

Fixing that time bug!

The most commonly reported bug is actually a WordPress bug, unfortunately. In some configurations, the time on the server for a post sent from MarsEdit is incorrect: it doesn’t take into account the time zone difference properly.

My hope is that this will be fixed in WordPress 1.3.

(By the way—there are many MarsEdit users who love WordPress. My point isn’t to knock it: WordPress is quite cool.)

Blogger and titles

MarsEdit doesn’t yet support titles for Blogger.

It will—but it requires implementing the Atom weblog editing API first. This is MarsEdit’s top priority.

WYSIWYG editing

Dave Hyatt has said publicly that WebCore will support HTML editing. We plan to use it to add WYSIWYG editing to MarsEdit.

It will be a choice, of course—those of you who prefer plain text won’t have to use the WYSIWYG editing feature.

More image features

People ask for thumbnails, drag-and-drop, resizing, iPhoto integration, etc. etc. All excellent ideas.

Though MarsEdit’s main point is to be a literate weblog editor—an editor for people who love writing—images are very important.

Uploading enclosures

I’m not even sure yet if it’s technically possible, given the current weblog editing APIs—but folks want to upload files that get added as RSS enclosures (aka podcasts). support

Should MarsEdit include features, or should it work with

On one hand, you have people who say, “I want each app to do one thing and do it well.”

On the other hand, you have people who say, “I want an app that puts it all together, the whole package.”

Is support part of that “one thing” that weblog editors should do? Is it a necessary part of “the whole package?”

I don’t know!

But, when in doubt, if there’s another app to work with, why not support that other app instead of redoing the work? After all, MarsEdit already works with a variety of newsreaders, browsers, and text editors—why not work with too.

An opposite case could be made, surely, and it wouldn’t be wrong—but my personal preference is to work with other apps as much as possible.


The above list is not comprehensive—there’s plenty more. MarsEdit is just getting started.

But the above covers the most common bugs and feature requests we’ve been hearing.