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Feed: protocol

In Really Simple Subscription, FeedDemon developer Nick Bradbury suggests using the feed: protocol to make subscribing to RSS and Atom feeds easier.

I agree.

Nick also says that the solution is not perfect, and I agree with that too. But it does work and it has broad support in existing aggregators.

It’s just not used on the web that much yet. But, if it were used, we’d have really simple subscription today, since it’s already supported in so many aggregators.

(Someone will ask, “Why not use MIME types?” Answer: because aggregators need the URL of a feed, not the content, in order to subscribe.)

Sometimes I think the whole issue is just that we haven’t agreed on a graphic. Nick posted a “Feed” graphic on his post. Last year, Bryan Bell made a few: perhaps one of these would be good?

Blue feed

Purple feed

Orange feed

I think that orange should not be used, to avoid confusion with the orange XML graphic.