inessential by Brent Simmons

Firefox Hacks

There’s a new Firefox Hacks book coming from O’Reilly, and Seth Dillingham wrote a bunch of articles for it—not surprisingly, knowing Seth, several of the pieces are about web services and XML.

The SOAP hack demonstrates “a web micro-application that sends and receives live data to the server without ever reloading the web page.” This makes me feel like Unfrozen Caveman.

Other than some basic HTML, PHP, and style sheets, I don’t do that much web development. (By web development I mean developing stuff that runs in your web browser.) I used to do a ton of it—it used to be my main thing.

So now I point you to Jeremy Zawodny’s Respect for Web Developers post. “Back when I was first paid to build web-based applications (around 1998 or so), the world of Web Development as we know it today did not exist...”