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NetNewsWire (full and Lite) 2.0b37

NetNewsWire 2.0 icon

NetNewsWire (full and Lite) 2.0b37 has been posted to the NetNewsWire betas page.

(Side note: woo-hoo!)

New features include tag subscriptions, syncing, feed detection for the browser, per-feed podcast settings, and more. Bugs were fixed, performance was boosted. See the change notes for all the details.

One of the new features has quickly become one of my favorite features: tag subscriptions. They’re kind of like search engine subscriptions, but instead of subscribing to a search you subscribe to a tag at, Flickr, or Technorati.

For instance, I like cat pictures (to not like cat pictures would be to not like the web), so I created a tag subscription for the tag cats using Flickr. (Choose File > New Special Subscription > Tag to create a tag subscription.)

We’ve been calling this beta the “almost-there” beta. Here’s what remains to do before shipping 2.0:

1. Fix some more bugs.
2. Add a bit more polish.
3. Review and edit the Help book.

As always, your feedback and bug reports are very helpful.