inessential by Brent Simmons

Kudos to Xcode group

Another group at Apple that impressed me at WWDC this year was the folks behind Xcode.

Xcode 2.0 shipped with Tiger, at the end of April. Xcode 2.1 shipped less than two months later.

It includes support for universal binaries, of course—but that’s not all, there are a bunch of nice user features in there, including a bunch of debugging improvements and a welcome change to how build settings are configured.

(I suspect the release of 2.1 is a combination of good planning, good project management, and possibly a few late nights.)

Having this new version of Xcode makes the Intel transition credible—without it, it would be all hand-waving and telling developers how it will be easy once the tools are ready. Better to show us, as they’ve done, that it’s already easy.